Man and his family

Travel Photography

There are times that we go on a photo shoot thinking of making a photograph, but end up getting a completely different picture which might just turn out to be better than the image that was pre visualized.
Recently on my last visit to Assam, there came such an unexpected picture. I had been staying up in Assam for the past three days shooting for a documentary. The sun was at its magical best, it constantly played hide and seek with the clouds. One afternoon I decided to shoot the sun beam falling on the lush green mountain slopes. Waited till late evening to get some good light and made this photograph.

Hide and seek of Sun

Hide and seek of Sun

I was literally chimping and looking at the back of my LCD when this man, came up with his two children and just stood there looking at me.
I had hardly noticed him, when suddenly I realized that it was even a better picture in the making. Changed to setting of the camera as fast as I could, and ended up getting this shot.

Man and his Family

Man and his Family

To me, this is a much pleasing image and the way the man was carrying his younger child is so unique. His whole attire, and the feeling of togetherness just made the picture for me. Their expressions are truly priceless.

Here’s to a happy and prosperous new year. Have a good one people.

3 thoughts on “Man and his family

    1. thank you for stopping by. Appreciate it. Yes that is true, sometimes the unexpected pictures are the most beautiful ones that we ever create.

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