Part 2: Rules of Composition :- Rule of Thirds

Tutorial, tips and tricks

This post has been due, since a long time i guess. Was really busy figuring out a few things in life. Thankfully, now i am back, doing what I love doing, photography.
This past week i just came from a photo assignment from Assam, covering some wildlife. More on the assignment later. First up the continuation of the tutorial series I started. This time around it would be a short and crisp one, where I would be mentioning the importance of rule of thirds.
What the rule states, is that, if the image is divided in 3 equal parts horizontally and vertically (as shown in figure below) we would want to put our subject, or the point of interest on one of the intersecting points.

the rule of third grid

The grid show’s what i want to say in a better way.  These intersecting points are called golden points, and our eyes go directly to something which is placed on those points.


This picture was taken at sunrise in Assam, when the dense fog was just clearing up, and had settled within two mountains.


As we can clearly see in the picture, the tower is placed in one third of the picture. The negetive space created also helps the eye to get to the Tower. Here are another few examples which i present where, the Rule of Thirds has been used.

016 edit gplus

mighty nature giving us a sense of scale

As we see from the photograph, the horizon line is on one of the thirds or near to it.

But like any rules, it can be broken, and if broken in a judicious way, it gives way to some wonderful photographs. This photograph taken at sunset, has the horizon line, right dab in the center. But even then, in my opinion, it produces a pleasing image.



Know the rules, break the rules. That works for me i guess.

Untill next time. Ciao ;p Happy taking photographs :)


4 thoughts on “Part 2: Rules of Composition :- Rule of Thirds

    1. that is very well put denisebushphoto. It gives us mere guidelines. It is afterall an art form, and people are free to do whatever they feel works for them.

  1. Wow, I love these shots. Very informative post, and it is wonderful to see how creative people can be with the rule of thirds… You are correct, keep this rule in mind, and it adds to the creative process.

    1. im glad you share the same views as i have. Keeping the rules in mind is very important and then we may use them in any creative process we want.

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